14' Series 14.44-4 Mattress


Apr 24, 2018
Woodcroft, Adelaide.
We've found the difference in firmness between the thicker section closest to the interior and the thinner section that sits on the fold out base, is substantial. The thicker section is noticeably softer. This makes the join stand out quite a bit and it's made worse by the fact the join is not halfway.
We are thinking of adding some kind of topper but not sure this will be enough on its own to hide the join.
What have others done, if anything, to their fold out mattress end?
I'm wondering whether we can take the whole lot out and take it to a mattress manufacturer to see if they can improve it and make it more uniform across the width.
If a topper is used, I'd like one thin enough that it could stay in place when folding it up.