Show and Shine - Show us your tow vehicle set up!


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Jan 18, 2016
Yarra Valley
Got this a few weeks ago to retire the Grand cherokee from tow duties


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Jun 9, 2013
5 seater TDV6. Standard 19 inch rims (which I have had painted gloss black) giving me a bit more sidewall (Full size spare) Loving it.


Jul 16, 2019
Lake Macquarie
Alright, i'll get the ball rolling.

I thought this might be a good spot for people to show off their pride and joy. Its all well and good having and Expanda, but unless you have a tow vehicle, the van won't leave the driveway. So here's a chance for people to show of their cars, give to feedback and maybe a run down of some mods done to help with the holidaying experience.

Me, I have a 2006 3.0L Nissan Patrol. I got it second hand, 2 yrs old with 30,000km on the clock plus a number of factory fitted goodies, inlcuding; Alloy bar, spotties, snorkel, tint.

Since owning it I have replaced the alloy bullbar with a steel ARB one, BFG A/T's, added my old trusty GME UHF and aerial, dobinson suspension and a great Alpine stereo with Parrot Bluetooth and wired in my old 75aH Thumper battery pack to run the 40L Waeco. This week i am fitting a proper dual battery system under the bonnet. The best modifications for holidaying by far would be the polyair airbages and Polaris reversing camera where the screen lives on my sun visor.

Wish list include a winch, and to complete my crappy home made rear shelf in the cargo area. I have a longer wish list but i am being realistic here.

Economy wise i get about 16-17 L/100km while towing the expanda which would weigh about 1.6 to 1.7t, which is OK to me. It cruises nicley at about 95km/hr but feels like its working too hard over that so i'm happy to take it slow.

I love my 4wding, and that is where this car really shines:car:

Here are a few picks:
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Reverse camera screen
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Nice looking rig mate


Jul 16, 2019
Lake Macquarie
Hello every one well we have 2 tow rigs a 2007 ns vrx turbo diesel pajero with gme xrs uhf arb bullbar bushranger winch and set of STEDI type x pro light's that I'm waiting roof mounted DVD player for the 5 kids to watch and a Polaris in dash media unit with hema off road maps as well as normal road maps tjm 2000 series gold suspension heavier springs 2 inch lift and air bags in the rear end .... Then we have a series 200 v8 Landcruiser with the ironman bullbar iron winch old man emu suspension 2inch lift automatic self level wireless air bags in the rear xrs 330 uhf same as the pajero . Both 4wds are running Torqit performance enhancing products pedal controller to take makethe response to the throttle there as soon as you touch it both have performence engine chips and a single 3 inch full stainless steel exhaust system fitted from turbo back in the pajero and on the Landcruiser it has 2 types of chip the normal chip and then chip extra and it gets up and hauls it has from the twin turbo a twin 3.5inch exhaust into a twin 4 inch just before the rear diff and ends up out the back in s single 4 inch . The pajero pick up 40% increase in power and tourqe the Landcruiser is now at over 240kw and over 900nm torque massive improvements in both and love the both Monday they will be fitted with full redarc daul battery systems and both are the bcdc1225D with solar input bring the northern territory I say we are going for 8 weeks can't wait and of course the jayco exspanda outback caravan I nearly forgot oops


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Mar 31, 2014
New to me 200 we just picked up a few weeks ago 2014 GXL :)
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Nice best thing you can do is tourqe converter lock up kit from Richards in Murray Bridge easy to put in can't speak highly enough about what it dose and an auto tune up they do that too with people in other states that do it for them what year is it if pre dpf also a red back twin system made mine like a rocket ship.... air bags gvm upgrade egt gauge OK that will do for now I've spent a bit of your cash
Welcome to the club of overtaking on hills at 110ks with van on giddy up


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May 19, 2016
2016-09-26 09.12.01.jpg

2014 DMax that (just) pulls a 2.7T, 19' starcraft. Suits me because I'm never in a hurry to get anywhere and the maintenance is fairly simple. No canopy to make sure we only carry essentials and stay on the good side of weight limits.

This is me airing up just outside EL Questro after the Gibb River Road 2016