Interior Mattress Upgrade to 2012 16-49-1 expanda


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Sep 2, 2015
We have a 2012 expanda 16-49-1.
The rear bed mattress has failed on outer edge and the front is uncomfortable. We have mattress toppers on each bed.
So we are looking to replace both ends on van and whilst im at it , am hopeful to modify to a 50-50 split instead
of the 2/3-1/3 split.
Has anyone done this on a 2012 expanda?.
I'm aware that I need to build up the 1/3 floor section to match the fold down bed level, this only gives me more room for stuff so that is a bonus.
I'm in Perth WA , does anyone know of a place that can make up these new mattresses?.

Thanks in advance


Expanda 12.37

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Jan 22, 2012
Below is a copy of a couple of posts I made a few years ago now when we made a mattress conversion on our then Expanda 12.37. Should give an idea of how it can be done.

We have a 2010 Expanda 12.37 and made the bed modification (uniform thickness - middle zip) two years ago. You do need to be careful with the thickness of any new mattress - our new mattress is 18cm thick - much thicker than the original Jayco innerspring mattress. In our Expanda when folded together to form a thickness of 36cm this fully fills the available space behind the back of the dining seat. Any thicker and we would not have had space to fit the folded mattress.

Obviously not all Jayco models are the same. You should be careful determining the maximum size of the storage area available for the new mattress before placing an order. Our 18cm thick mattress from Beds Direct was the thickest (and best and most expensive) that they made.
The conversion was well worth the effort and the only regret was that we did not do it sooner.

Forgot to take some photos of the new mattress when we were away for a week in May but did so when away for the long weekend. Have now had enough nights sleeping on the new mattress to know that it has been worth the effort (and money) to replace the three-piece/two thicknesses mattress that Jayco supplied when we bought the Expanda.

The bed area in the 12.37 is now completely flat over the entire area and the new two-piece mattress which is joined down the centre means no one is sleeping over a join/zipper or across different thicknesses/compressions regions of mattress

Photos below show the new mattress and the extra carpentry to level the bed area (+ make deeper storage area under the bed.

IMG_5115.jpg IMG_5116.jpg IMG_5117.jpg IMG_5118.jpg

Don't know why Jayco don't build the Expandas this way right from the start.


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