Starcraft Leaking water inlet


Nov 15, 2012
SE Melb, Victoria
Hi all,
I recently went free camping and using water tanks. I noticed that when I'd finish using a water tap that there would sometimes be back flow of water/air coming out of the water inlet nozzle. This would eventually cease. A bit annoying when trying to conserve water. I'm thinking ir has someing to do with the Pressure Reduction Valve??? Could this be correct and/or something else? TIA Danny


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Nov 7, 2013
Usually incorportaed within the mains inlet nozzle is a NRV, non return vale, a simple affair and the O ring will fall off and jam it open, easy fix is to buy a John Guest inline NRV and fit it between the mains inlet and the first junction in the line, whilst you do that, remove the mains inlet and with a pair of side cutters just cut out the plastic valve, a simple snip and refit the inlet and yur good to go, cost about $20 .................... PRV fitted can be bought form bunnings but really are not needed as your hose fitting on teh tap would more likely pop off before water pressure was to much for the john guest van fittings........