Hi, No van but camper trailer


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Sep 30, 2021
Hi, I came across this site because of this "Electrical - Is the Kings 200W blanket really value for money??"

Although I don't have a caravan I do have a camper trailer, and it is with this I intend on traveling the east coast following the sunny warm (not hot) weather, Im from Geelong and want to travel up the east coast and maybe inland (yet to be decided) fulltime returning to Victoria only in the warmer months.

My camper was purchased secondhand in an effort to personalize it and use it as my test abode before looking at something a bit more permanent, however a covid idea took this from me and now I'm going to use this first purchase for my first year (or when I'm in the position) to buy another if needed.

Since purchasing my camper I've setup an electrical system (still adding to it) and been trying to work out what my best options are for needs and want's, my main goals are cheap healthy living and lots of sight seeing and fishing, I have been a kayak fisherman for a few years now and travel far and wide for great fishing locations.

Cheers, Peter.
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Nov 7, 2013
Welcome to the Clan @peatop , a lot of us started out the same way with some sort of camper then progressed, often after many years of swags, tents then into wheeled camps................................... you should find many ideas on here that you can use as well as places to go.

My off road camper was a bare base job to which I added a battery box and other bits and pieces, a marvelous time with mods was had...... I started with an 80w portable solar panel but went to a 120w as not enough juice, my campers battery started off just to run an engel but progressed to lights then charging stuff as well...............
Being pre loved I would strip it out and give the canvas a wash down with very mild soapy water, a scrub outside and a good wipe down inside then when dry a good wet down with some waterproofing, the liquid stuff for drizabone type coats comes in a 1lt tin, the spray bottles and spray cans are too expensive, (from proper rural supply/horse shops) giving the stitching a run over with some beewax beforehand gives it all good protection from the rain and should only need doing every other year.......... Make sure you never store it damp.........

So join in the fun and laughter we have here, I would certainly say its the most friendly of sites.... We excel at helping you spend your money and don';t forget the piccies, we love piccies.....
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