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Jul 18, 2012
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We also have a 2013 NW Pajero and its best towing was 10.2l/100km at 100km last year. I even have a photo of the GPS and the Mitsubishi display of fuel economy. It was on the Nullarbor with a 30km/hr + tail wind. Typically it was around 12l/100km, this was towing our Avan Cruiseliner which had a very low profile and an ATM of 1.2t.

What weight (ATM) are you towing @Antman with the economy above?

Hey @yabbietol
Sorry been offline for a bit. My van's atm is 2055kgs. Ball weight is 200kgs. I don't use the Pajero's computer display is it is widely incorrect. I fill the tank to the brim every time so that i know that my readings are accurate. I have had variances on the computer display up to 4 Litres / 100kms out either way so just don't bother when towing. In everyday driving the difference is roughly 0.5 - 1.2 L / 100kms out with the car actually displaying worse than the actual.

Our trip in September last year we did over 4000kms, all towing. Brisbane down to Victoria and back. Average for the whole trip was 16 L / 100kms flat. Generally short trips that are relatively flat are high 13's to low 14's so I'm pretty happy with that.

I would imagine your lower profile van and lower ATM help with the fuel economy quite a bit but i would suggest not to rely on the car's readouts.

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Oct 22, 2014
Been off line for some time too.
Ended up buying a Colorado 7 as the tow tug and the wifes daily driver. She loves it so all is good in the house hold.

More than happy with the power and torque with 500Nm tows the 17.56-2OB easily and we regularly get 12 to 14lt/100km towing up to the Mid North coast sitting on 100km/h.
I am still not a big fan of the Auto trans and end up using manual mode most of the time.