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Sep 26, 2010
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Just thought I would post up some pix of a couple of mods I have recently completed to my 14-44-3.

First up was the wardrobe. When we go away we do not take many "good" clothes that require hanging so we decided to fit shelves to the wardrobe leaving just enough space for a couple of hangers. The problem with that, is the battery is under the floor of the wardrobe requiring access. The solution, an AGM maintenance free battery and knockdown shelving. The shelves lift off and the aluminium front support lifts off a screw fitted at the top providing access to the lid of the battery cover. Presto, lots more usable storage.

The second mod was to add 12v fans to the fridge outlet vent. My wife was not happy that the bench top above the fridge was very warm when the fridge was running. Two fans from old computer power supplies wired in parallel and connected to the 12v socket mounted above the fridge & we now have a forced air flow out of the upper vent. A switch with included LED is mounted beside the 12v socket allowing it to be turned off and on as required.

My wife is happier now. :D


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Nov 9, 2010
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Neat work there mate, we have a fan at the rear of our fridge but is automatic on a thermostat, not sure how hot it needs to get behind there for it to work, I prefer it was switched so I can control it manually, might have to look into that