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Apr 8, 2012
Another 'not ebay' but from the big green shed - a small USB rechargeable LED light, Price reduced from $25 to $10 at my local store. Three light settings, USB power outlet (can charge a phone), magnets to attach to metal surface or a couple of small hooks to allowing hanging. Thought it was nifty for the price.

Disco Duck

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Dec 8, 2017
Adelaide South Australia

Found some LED light inserts on this eBay address. They are warm white and suited me perfectly as I hate the bright white (sometimes nearly blue) lights that LED usually come in. They do sell the white lights too. They just slide straight into the T10 globe holders on the older style Jaycos
Now all the lights in the van are LED.
Three 200w solar panels, LED lights and a diesel heater we found that we are now able to free camp unlimited
The only thing that brings us in now is running out of wine...........oh and sometimes we need water too
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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
BCF 10th Apr 2020

Anyone in the market for a fridge, this is definitely worth a look
BCF have Engel Eclipse MR40F 38ltr fridges for $649, well under half the price of its metal MT-V45F 40ltr brother
(member price, but that just requires handing over you email address)
Significantly cheaper plastic no frills Engel model, but with exactly the same proven Engel Sawafuji compressor.
Ive been running an Eclipse for 10years. Its been great and Id recommend it over any of the 40ltr Engel fridges, purely because its same same, for much less
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