hot water system

  1. G

    16' Series Jolca Hot Tap

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone out there has had a gas bayonet added to their van for either their BBQ outlet or for adding something like a Jolca Hot Tap? I'm thinking I'd love to add a external shower for free camps so the Mrs and kids are happy, as a big gripe on the weekend where we were was...
  2. Macropod

    20' Series Truma AquaGo.....Finally I can shave in the shower !

    So I bought a van that devoted significant real estate to a separate shower only to find that firstly you had to wait 15 minutes from the previous persons shower before you could be guaranteed some sort of hot water experience. Even then - unless you ran the shower at dribble speed, you never...
  3. KBerg Rig

    Interior Hot water system won't run on gas

    Hello All Have a Henry (formerly carver) 9L hot water system on my pop top camper. Runs on 240v and will light on gas but when you take your finger off the start button the flame extinguishes. Does anyone have any experience with these units or where I can get parts? I'm located in Perth. Thanks...