Interior Remove Dometic 4 Burner Stove and Grill

Just the two of us

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Mar 19, 2023
Winston Hills NSW
As we never cook food inside (in fact the grill is used as a first aid kit drawer), am seriously considering removing the 4 burner hotplate stove and grill, converting the space to a cupboard and gaining more usable bench space. Acknowledge there may be some challenges in shutting down the gas and electrical. Has anyone who has successfully done this have any recommendations?


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Nov 7, 2013
You must have some lovely weather when camping, some places we stop at you woould freeze to death outside,lol,lol... or in places out west sometimes the flies would stop you even trying to cook they can be that bad ...............

Gas, just turn the gas cock off for stove, remove the pipe to stove and put a blanking cap on the gas cock........ electrical is just pull the 240v plug out of the power point, if it has 12v igniter that is usually just a 2 pin plug, so nothing really techo about it at all ....................