Kedron Compact CP5


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Sep 2, 2014
Queanbeyan NSW
Thanks @rags , we're happy to wait, a few things we need to take care of before picking up. Did consider the Amarock but swayed against it with the investigations I've come across.
Luckily, Sharon and I have got rid of our kids some time ago, definitely wouldn't need bunks....even for the grand-kids

The Amarok is interesting, a good friend had one for a few years and is an experienced 4WD driver, caravaner and 4WD fire truck driver and got caught out one day in a State Forest while collecting firewood in a trailer. The Amarok for some strange reason would not engage "low gears 4WD" with trailer electrics hooked up. Unhooked trailer electronics and "4WD low gears" engaged and he got out up steep slippery slope ok with the trailer full of firewood. Once out hooked up trailer electrics ok all worked and drove home. The Amrok (like most) he owned did not have a seperate low range gear box as such, just low gears which were suppose to be just as good, but the Amarok did not like low gears in 4WD while towing electrics hooked up, you could fool it by unhooking trailer electronics and worked fine.

He read the manuals and contacted VW and never could get a good explanation of what had happened, eventually he sold the Amarok and moved on.

The weird thing is it happened and the short term fix was simple, unplug the trailer electrics from Amarok and off you go. What was really annoying was no one could tell him what happened and why and if it was a fault or just weird normal for an Amarok. Otherwise it worked ok.
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CubbyHouse Safari

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Jun 15, 2020
Port Macquarie NSW
Congratulations. It has been a long wait. If I was in the market for an all bells and whistles van, I would certainly put Kedron at the top of my list. You don't see too many used ones for sale.

While you are waiting to go away, it might be worth considering making a list of every gizmo installed in the van. Then make sure you get hold of a printed copy of the manual for each gizmo and store it away in a folder. Also good to find out the warranty for each item. You may never have to use them, but if you are out in the sticks and something is not working, having the manual might just be the difference between continuing to enjoy your holiday or having to come home.

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