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Boots in Action

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Mar 13, 2017
Ferny Grove, Queensland


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Nov 7, 2013
Finally some sunshine (not much) after 6 days of rain, drizzle and fog, Big Mal has no leaks thankfully, to while away the time I had a re-read of some manuals and noticed my fridge a RM4605 likes to chew 1.35amp on 240 and 22.9amp on 12v while the smaller jobs chew substantially less on 12v , 14.5amp and discovered something I didn't know or forgotten is that the Climate Control switch on the fridge will draw down the van battery even with fridge off and needs to be turned off itself, might be why mine has been in the off position, ............. the fridge will certainly eat my Jeeps battery in a short time if engine off, in fact a draw like that is a good load to add to all the other electrical gizmo's, may require some thought actually, electricsteering can eat 80 odd amps when working hard so add a few more things and the 220 amp alternator is gong to be working some..... time to do a power audit I think..........
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