Access Door/Hatch


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Nov 7, 2013
The door to my battery compartment is showing its age and will soon need replacement, didn't think it a drama until I tried to find one, I suspect it was a Dometic and since it is a vented door the cut out is exactly the size of my battery compartment, 360mm x 270mm, the problem is I can't find a replacement that will fit for love nor money, either too big or too small and to add to the problem I am unable to expand the size due to framing and stuff............. The door is very similar to a Theford door in the shape and hinge, having looked at every caravan catalogue I can only assume the size has been superseded, so am contemplating making a door out of alloy, haven't quite figured out a hinge, that won't look like something Jethro knocked up, since its 30 yrs since I last TiGGed, thats something I don't want to revist, alloy smelting in my shed as I get the feel again.....

So if someone knows of an access door external 410 x 315 with a cut out size 360mm x 270mm please let me know ..............:couch2: