Starcraft 2014 Starcraft OB tyre/rim size?


Nov 15, 2012
SE Melb, Victoria
Hi all, My 2014 Starcraft (20ft) OB is currently in storage so I can't access it to ascertain the tyre/rim size? Would anyone happen to know ? I want to shop around for new. Thanks
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Nov 7, 2013
I know it can't be helped but I would go spare not being able to tinker with my rig if I had to have it in storage.......

With wheels and tyres not all are the same for the same model but you can browse the catalogues at least, I would go for a LT tyre with a mild AT pattern, oyu don't need an aggressive chunky tyre on a van, any alignment issues will chew them out quickly and the only thing going for the chunky off road tyre is the look it certainly has no road holding capability as a lazy tyre, even on dirt roads..... I wouldn't use he cheap chinese stuff, in a van you want a tyre that will go the distance in time not so much in Kms so a known brand, an "LT "tyre doesn't just give you an extra ply or 2 but compared to a "P" rate tyre it means you aren't inflating to near max pressure, I run LTs on the tug as well ................ with your new tyres experiment with what pressure they like to run at, the tyre placard is really just a starting point, different brands/sizes/styles require a different pressure..........
I enjoy tyre shopping but am astounded at what some pay for a tyre so they can have some cool lettering.........


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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
You looking at just tyres, or rims to??
Tyres 235/75 r15
Rim 15x6, but you can go up to 7in tyres
The factory tyres are LT with i think a 109 load rating, on a 20ft OB you probably best stay above at least a 105
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