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May 14, 2018
Dee Why
Hi there,

I’m looking for our first caravan for my family of 4 (3yo and 1yo kids). Our ideal layout would include the following:

Full ensuite/washing machine option
L shape or U shape/Cafe Lounge
QB + Double bunks
Room divider
Large fridge
Outback model to allow for free camping.

We don’t want anything too huge so we were originally attracted to the expander models, but wanted something without a pop top and where the kids beds were at least fixed in case we had to set up late at night.

So far we like the Expanda OB 20.63-1 particularly for the large cafe dining area, fixed kids beds and the extra room you get from popping out the queen bed (one side only)

Alternatively, we like the Starcraft OB 22.68-1 as it’s all set up but are worried about the length for towing/manoeuvring.

Are there any other models you think we should consider? New or second hand (2011+)?

Any additional advice regarding set up/ layout with little kiddies?

Or If you are selling something like the above please also feel free to PM me.


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Jan 21, 2018
Shailer park
Both are big vans, we tow an 18.57-5 with grand cherokee with ease. So your tow vehicle will be more than adequate for either of these 2 vans.

2 foot doesn't sound like much but it can be when going into smallish sites or tight swing ins. I recon 20 ft and under is about right so go the expander, I might just be bias :)

We find the 19ft van we have just right for size and can get it into a lot of coastal parks, but our mate has a 24 footer and he gets into nearly all the same sites , we are both experienced vanners the last 15 years so it will come down to confidence and experience with the bigger vans, although some parks will tell you if you say you got a bigger than 20 footer then they will request you onto a bigger site which in peak periods could mean no sites left. Our mate had this issue once , we didn't . So we both went somewhere else, no biggy.
No biggy if your free camping, just something to consider. The star craft has advantage of been beds all set up and solid walls. But I find the drop down beds on our expander take like 1 minute to do, so no biggy. And with the double fold out we have more internal room than the star craft and we are not lying when the receptionist ask how longs my van and I say 18.5 ft lol.

Diff vans for diff purposes , but for bigger units I'd be inclined to either be experienced with previous van first or go to big sites and free camps for at least several trips to get the feel of a longer van.



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Sep 28, 2015
Hi Kate,
I agree with Coldspace about the size issues
I also have a 18-57-5 and my kids have been fine sleeping in the same bed until the last trip we went on (12 and 10 yr old boy and girl)
we are now looking at a 19.61-3 Journey (previously Starcraft) with bunks.
Feb 1, 2016
Starcraft or Journey 19.61-3

We are picking ours up on Tuesday.

We had an expanda but wanted a permanent bed and a full ensuite.

Check them out. Good mix of size and features.


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May 8, 2018
Adelaide SA
Hi Guys,
I would not dismiss a pop top, due to concerns about set up time.
ie. Once around the outside to flick off the 4 Clamps, Annex to “Open”,
then inside to lift. Done.
Couldn’t take longer than 2 minutes.
Advantage of a pop top is better fuel economy when towing & more likely to fit in your garage / shed at home.
Good luck anyway, we’ve had so many great, affordable caravanning holidays with our 3 kids, I’m sure you will too


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Jun 8, 2014
Bacchus Marsh
No, open to recommendations
Well, I would recommend checking out the 18ft New Age Gecko...


Full ensuite/washing machine option - check.
L shape or U shape/Cafe Lounge - check
QB + Double bunks - Fold out bed isn't QB but I've found it bigger than our previous Expanda bed
Room divider - check
Large fridge - check
Outback model to allow for free camping - Does an Enduro pack similar to "Outback". Having said that, we simply raised ours 2", chucked some panels on the top, bigger tyres and never met a problem travelling around the country. And ours is the 19ft version.

Just a thought as it seemed to meet all that you were asking for...


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May 29, 2013
Beautiful Burrum Heads QLD
If buying new I would look at the new Journey range, particular the 19 foot range, remember they all have fibreglass sides, aluminium frame and the OB's have independent suspension. We went from an expander (no kids) to a pop top Sterling, after looking at the full size vans there is so much more room and storage than the pop tops, also Jayco now have 2/5 year warranty. We will probably end up with a 18 footer sooner than later, we also tow with a Jeep.


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Jan 24, 2016
Central Coast
I would agree with the Jayco 19.61-3 being a good option. We ended up ordering a New Age 19ft Road Owl in the Adventure pack. Basically identical layout to the Jayco 19.63-1 but we preferred the New Age version of this layout.