18' Series New Toolbox on Extended Drawbar

Apr 25, 2018
Cranebrook NSW
Hi Dean81,
I’m new to this forum and don’t won’t to be intrusive but I’ve recently purchased a 2017 17.56-2 in jan this year and I’m planning a trip from nsw to cairns and back down the east coast, this is exactly what I’ve had in mind to put on, just wondering if the slide out is for a fridge, if so, do you have dimensions for box and what fridge you are going to use? Where did you get this made? Would be greatly appreciated as would save me a lot of work in measurements etc,etc. Not sure if your van has the same clearance but I have about 500mm from draw bar to bottom of bed when folded down. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Ps I want to put fridge in passenger side, bbq in middle and generator in drivers side.
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Nov 18, 2012
Brisvegas, Qld
Hi Guys,

the slide out is made for a Weber BBQ. I have the 18:58-2 2015 model, my max height was 490mm to the lowest point of the front-boot opening. Some new vans are higher than this. The box is 1700mm x 550mm x 485mm high. Had it made with Kyle at KT'S Welding and Fabrication at Clontarf, QLD. Kyle would be able to help you with the Fridge slide also, might be best to give him a call. He does all custom work on lots of different things.

Just be careful how much weight you put on the drawbar, you will need to offset behind the wheels at the back otherwise.