Chassis Hitch heights


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Aug 3, 2014
G'day all
I am thinking of reversing my van axle to get a bit more ground clearance for my on road van. I hear of many people doing this but have heard that there is a maximum hitch height.
Has anyone heard of this or know what it is. I am concerned about insurance and not doing the right thing.

look forward to your help .


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Jul 6, 2014
Apparently it needs to be between 350mm and 460mm. Google is your friend for more info.


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Oct 29, 2013
Viewbank, Victoria
Ours was factory done.. I check your insurance as well if post factory.. Many people have done it.
Makes life easier

if you ditch the 50mm ball and go DO35 or McHitch do not think the height is relevant as well,

The ADR stuff does get confusing you can hear different info.
Height .. mentioned MA and MB is MC exempt...
ADR For MA and MB group vehicles fitted with a 50 mm ‘Ball Coupling’ the height to centre of the ball determined in the laden condition must be between 350 and 420 mm.

Where here it they say 350-460.
another article says 350-420 although can be 460

Ball couplings on towbars are required to be installed so that the height of the centre of the body of the ball coupling is between 350mm and 420mm from the ground when laden (Refer to ADR 62/01). Alternatively, if complying with the requirements of ADR 62/02 the maximum height of the centre of the body of the ball coupling may be increased to 460mm. However, the ball may be installed at any other height, provided it is also capable of being adjusted to at least one height within the 350-460mm range.


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Nov 7, 2013
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It is ambiguous, as stated above you can be higher, in fact Big Mal came from the factory above the base heights, I wouldn't be too concerned.... More important is the real heights, measure your tugs hitch height you will want it 25mm higher than the vans hitch on level ground when tug is loaded.... Rolling your axle if its a beam job will give you between 80 and 100mm in extra height, note you must keep the axle in the same aspect you don't just rotate it. There are threads covering this in detail, do it wrong and your brakes are useless.

The insurance bit is mostly a scare tactic, since you change your tyres could be used as well as the addition of tool boxes etc, does constitute a change to vehicle compliance therefore you've voided the insurance, ignored by most.