14' Series Diesel Heater Location


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Oct 5, 2014
I have a 16ft so location not going to be the same. Installer told me best to aim for centre of the van for even heat and to have air intake and outlet facing away from each other to avoid looping same air.
I have club lounge and put heater under seat with intake under table side and outlet from rear of seat


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Jan 24, 2016
Central Coast
You don’t lose to much space they are pretty small. It sat maybe 20 or 30 mm off the drawer and I could still fit the two boxes in the same compartment.


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Jul 25, 2017
Hi @Craig and Leanne,

I also have the 14.44 and ended up putting the heater in the bottom of the cupboard beside the door as shown in the photo attached. I looked at several other locations including under the bed as @JT76 did and under the table, but decided on this one as it was never likely to be obstructed. I liked the bunk location as there is plenty of unused space there and we wouldn't have lost any storage space but we've got a 1 year old so it probably would have been a problem with bedding being dropped onto the outlet etc.

The manual provides minimum clearances for each side of the unit which are surprisingly small, my install allowed plenty of extra just in case, however after running the body of the unit itself seems reasonably cool so the clearances in the manual are probably fine. The base of the heater does get quite hot and I mounted it on a stainless steel base plate. Stainless is a poorer conductor of heat compared to mild steel and hence it shouldn't transfer as much heat into the timber floor.

I ran the exhaust across under the van so it discharges away from the door nearer to the fridge location. The control panel was mounted above the fridge because it is neat there, but it did require the wiring loom to be extended. We have done only one trip with the heater so far but it worked well with no problems.

I need to do a write up on the things I have put in the van so far, but I hope this helps for now.

Look forward to seeing how you go about installing yours.


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