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Feb 7, 2010
Mentone, VIC
Looks pretty good to me @mikerezny, great job. Its quite therapeutic isnt it. So long as the yeast is fresh, the bread will rise eventually regardless of the ambient temperature. Warmth will just speed it up. Keeping the outside a little moist to stop a skin forming. Ambient temp is always going to be a bigger issue in the bush than it is at home, and if its a bit coolish Ill put it in the vans sink on the rack, put boiled water in the bottom of the sink and a towel over it all to seal it up. You may have to be inventive to prop the towel up like a tent so it stays clear of the rising bread.
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Apr 26, 2016
South Morang, Victoria
Hi @Crusty181,
tried out your recipe for bread. Worked quite well. Liked your idea about putting the dough in the car to rise. It only got up to 17C during the day at Kirth Kiln. Let the bread rise for over an hour.

Made only a half recipe, and made four bread rolls. Really happy with result and they tasted great. Would like to get them to rise higher. Any suggestions?We cannot get enough heat into the cast iron pan with a stainless steel lid. So we cheat. Cooked for 10 minutes, turn around 180 degrees to ensure even cooking, then flipped over for 10 minutes to brown the top. Pan started off at about 250C, but cools down quite a lot when cooking.

Here are some photos of the results:


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They look very tempting!